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  The CMC Business Philosophy

Over time, methods of conducting business change, but values, culture and business philosophies must remain constant.

Our Guiding Philosophy

         Provide the best service at the best price while causing no unnecessary harm
to man or the environment.


  • No company or individual can exist without doing harm to the environment. We must take extraordinary measures to minimize our impact.

  • Responsibility for protecting the environment is the bottom-line, and one that we all must share.

  • Modern mosquito control can have a low environmental impact and be sustainable. Integrated Pest Management (IPM) principles utilizing cultural, biological and least-toxic materials must always guide our actions.

  • “There is no business to be done on a dead planet.” David Brower


  • People today have too many choices and are overwhelmed by having to make intelligent decisions. By keeping our programs simple and providing the best service available we help our customers simplify as well.

  • The best performing companies in the world make a narrow range of products or provide a simple range of services, but they do it extremely well.

  • Small incremental improvements render simple, more efficient and effective services.

  • Good program design is minimal program design. Keep it simple!


  • Our goal is to be the most innovative mosquito control service company.

  • Successful inventing requires a tremendous amount of energy, time and money. Thus big marketable, earth-changing inventions are rare. Innovations, on the other hand, are created constantly and can be further created from previous innovations and can be implemented much more quickly and inexpensively.

  • The mosquito control industry is not a closed system; we constantly borrow ideas from other disciplines and then adapt those ideas into our programs. Further innovation naturally follows.

  • Good science results from on-going research and data accumulation.

  • Flexibility and adaptability go hand in hand with innovation. Our customers’ needs and requirements must be considered in all innovations and improvements.

Service and Profit

  • CMC is a service driven company. CMC is here for the long haul. The service that we provide to our customers comes first and the company exists to create and support our services. Many companies are not in business to provide a tangible and quality product or service; they only exist to make a profit for as long as possible and then to sell out or take the money and run.

  • Making a profit is not the goal. Profit is something that happens when you do everything else right, and of course a company must make a profit to stay in business. CMC is cost-competitive, but not at the expense of quality.

  • Profits are directly tied to the quality of the services provided. Other companies that don’t take quality seriously will and often do maximize profits by cutting corners and providing substandard service.

  • If you, as the customer want the best service for your community, you cannot blindly handoff your program to the low-bidder and expect the best. You must do your homework and compare apples to apples.


  • Our goal has always been to establish and maintain long term relationships with both our customers and our suppliers and to develop a mutual commitment to provide the best service at the best price.

  • The confidence and trust of our customers is paramount. Reliability, dependability, consistency and professionalism are always the rule.

  • The best customer service must be based on respect for the customer.


  • CMC does not want to be a big company; we want to be the best company. We believe that it is much better to be a great small company than an average big company.

  • Slow and sustainable growth means that profits must come from being more efficient every year.

  • The best growth comes from word-of-mouth recommendation. CMC has not actively marketed, sold or advertised our services; our growth has come from 20 years of earned credibility and by letting our service and reputation sell itself.