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  What's New

Please note that our Main Office has moved! We have relocated to 7000 North Broadway in Denver. Our new facility provides us with great access and improved efficiency to our Denver Metro accounts.


  • 2 Permethrin (CMC's primary mosquito adulticide product) Fact Sheets from NPIC (National Pesticide Information Center)

  • 2 DEET Fact Sheets from NPIC (National Pesticide Information Center)

  • CMC has added Public Health Related Services to our repertoire. Over the past few years, we have helped several of our Health Department customers by providing Plague/Prairie dog flea control services.  We have now expanded, standardized and added them as regular services that we can provide professionally to any entity in the state.  Please call for more information.

  • Two Important Papers have recently been released. We highly recommend that you take a few moments to take a look.

    "A Human-Health Risk Assessment for West Nile Virus and Insecticides Used
    in Mosquito Management
    Robert K.D. Peterson, Paula A. Macedo, and Ryan S. Davis
    Agricultural and Biological Risk Assessment, Department of Land Resources and Environmental Sciences, Montana State University, Bozeman, Montana, USA

    "Public Health Confronts the Mosquito: Developing Sustainable
    State and Local Mosquito Control Programs"
    Report by Association of State and Territorial Health Officials