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  Why CMC?
We, of course, feel that there are numerous great reasons to choose CMC; see if you agree.

Why Choose CMC?

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  • CMC has been providing Colorado Municipalities with the best in modern IPM-based Mosquito Control & Disease Surveillance and Control services for over 22 Years

  • In the Denver Metro Area alone CMC protects over 1.6 million people and 1,000 square miles

  • CMC currently provides service to over 80 county, municipal & large scale accounts across Colorado


  • CMC Managers have over 100 years of combined operational mosquito control experience

  • Michael Weissmann Ph.D. as our staff entomologist. Dr. Weissmann is known and respected world-wide as an expert in the field

  • Seasonal Field Technicians receive state-of-the-art classroom and on the job training. Our training program goes well beyond the level required by the Colorado Department of Agriculture

  • Most CMC seasonal employees are students with backgrounds in Biology, Entomology, Public Health and related fields


  • CMC pioneered CMMS© (Comprehensive Mosquito Management System) a unique computer database and modeling algorithm that analyzes historical mosquito site data and targets prolific problem or disease vector sites for control

  • Extensive use of ESRI ArcGIS digital mapping & database technologies

  • NEW Digital "Interactive" Reporting

  • Comprehensive Informational Website at Toll-Free Customer Hot-line (877) 276-4306

Fleet & Power Equipment 

  • Fleet: 72 pick-up trucks

  • ULV Spray Equipment: 15 Heavy Duty ULV Sprayers

  • 75 Power Backpack Sprayers


  • Main Office Facility: 8,500 sq feet Office & Labs

  • 2,000 sq feet Warehouse

  • 1,000 sq feet Shop area

  • On over 2 acres

  • 8 Seasonal Satellite Office Strategically Located around the state. See Office Locations Page


  • CMC Field Technicians can Inspect (and treat as needed) over 1,500 potential larval mosquito development sites PER DAY!

  • With our large arsenal of truck-mounted ground-based ULV adulticiding equipment, CMC has the capacity to cover nearly 2,000 lineal miles of streets and roadways in ONE NIGHT. That equates to over 112.5 square miles or 72,000 acres per night.

  • For even larger areas, we offer Aerial ULV Adulticide Application via Fixed-Wing or Rotary-wing Aircraft

  • Aerial ULV mosquito adulticide application services are available through CMC and are sub-contracted by a licensed, experienced and insured aerial application service. CMC has extensive experience with aerial mosquito larval and adult control applications and oversees and directs applications

Professional Affiliation

  • Colorado Mosquito Control and Management Staff are all proud and active Members of the American Mosquito Control Association (AMCA)

  • Colorado Mosquito Control and Management Staff are all proud and active Members of the West Central Mosquito and Vector Control Association (WCMVCA)