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 Town of Timnath

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The Town of Timnath Mosquito Management Program can provide services to residents regarding:

  • Information about mosquito biology and source reduction of mosquito habitats
  • Information on program components, operations, and monitoring efforts within the city
  • Seasonal West Nile Virus activity
  • Personal protection options for mosquito annoyances and West Nile Virus risk
  • Respond to reports and concerns of mosquitoes and possible larval mosquito habitats
  • Perform larvicide applications to control mosquito larvae at no cost to the property owner
  • Stock residential ponds with fat head minnows for biological control

In 2014, the Timnath Mosquito Management Program completed its 9th year of cost effective Integrated Mosquito Management operations with Colorado Mosquito Control (CMC) as its contractor. Mosquitoes are dynamic insects which are capable of rapid populations increases dependent on habitat, water level, rainfall events, and temperature patterns.  The experience and knowledge possessed by CMC employees of the local landscape and irrigation patterns, enables an overall reduction of mosquitoes.  The biorational management operations and data driven response to spikes in mosquito abundance are aimed at reducing the risk and annoyances associated with mosquitoes.  If left unmanaged residents residing throughout large sections of the town would be burdened by mosquitoes, thereby resulting in a decreased quality of life and reduced ability to enjoy outdoor activities.

The primary objective of the Town of Timnath Mosquito Management Program is to employ trained field biologists to suppress the development of larval mosquitoes in the aquatic habitats.  CMC prioritizes, at minimum 95% of resource allocation on larval control efforts. Surveillance monitoring of adult mosquito populations is performed to determine the need to reduce the adult populations via adulticiding materials, when needed. This goal enables a reduction in both the overall mosquito populations and the threat of mosquito borne disease transmission at the least possible cost, while minimizing the impact on the people and natural environment.

CMC maintains its commitment to offer environmentally sensitive and technologically advanced integrated mosquito management programs to its customers and community residents.  CMC works diligently to maintain the cooperative efforts for mosquito control and epizootic response management between the town, Larimer County Department of Health & Environment, and surrounding local municipalities. The value of this cooperative program and its underlying data sharing and communications in the interest of public health cannot be over-emphasized.

Click here for the annual report detailing mosquito control operations in the Town of Timnath for 2014.

Please call 970-962-2583 or 970-962-2582 to report any water that stands for more than 4 days, mosquito annoyance concerns.