Colorado Mosquito Control, Inc. is a large-scale mosquito control contractor and consultant established in 1986. CMC specializes in full-service Integrated Mosquito Management programs designed to control nuisance and disease vector mosquitoes while protecting our Colorado environment. CMC employs multiple wildlife Biologists, a Ph.D. Entomologist, 10 state certified “Qualified Supervisors”, and over 100 Entomology, Biology and Public Health technicians to serve over 80 counties, municipal, commercial and residential HOA clients throughout the State of Colorado.

Large-scale Mosquito Control Program Services include;

• Survey & Digital Mapping Featuring ArcGIS® (Geographic Information System)
• Comprehensive “Computer Targeted” Wetland Site Inspection
• Adult Mosquito Population Surveillance
• Aerial and Ground-based Biological Larval Mosquito Control
• Aerial and Ground-based ULV Adult Mosquito Control
• Full Taxonomic Identification & Laboratory Services
• Computer-based Record Keeping and Database Services
• Public Health Emergency Large Scale Control Applications

Small-scale Mosquito Control Services include;

• Residential Homeowner Maintenance Contracts
• Special Event Adult Mosquito Control Applications
• Fairs, Concerts & Special Events
• Corporate Events
• Backyard Weddings, Parties & Barbeques
• Adult & Larval Mosquito Spot-treatments

Professional Consulting Services (available Worldwide)

• New Program Design & Implementation
• Survey & Digital Mapping Featuring ArcGIS® (Geographic Information System)
• Mosquito-borne Arboviral Disease Surveillance
• Full Taxonomic Identification & Laboratory Services
• Existing Program Audits & QC
• Public Health Emergency Applications, Design, Set-up, Implementation & QC

Colorado Mosquito Control is a proud member of the West Central Mosquito & Vector Control Association, and the American Mosquito Control Association, and is fully licensed by the Colorado Department of Agriculture. License Number 10261.